Therefore, Kristel K3-candidates a rant

ccbe0819173c6482aad6d74c65e94a4c - Therefore, Kristel K3-candidates a rant

Kristel Verbeke is this week in Humo: and that as a result of its program “Kinderkopkes” waarvaKn your Monday evening the second episode on One could see. She aspired to in her life to perfection, only the best was good enough. And that striving for perfection was also the reason why Kristel during one of the episodes of Q3 Search Q3 as uithaalde to, among others, Jindra. Three candidates had not even made the effort to have a dvd of the K3 to see and that made for a swing of Kristel. This week tells Kristel in Humo why they reacted strongly. “Few people have then started to understand that what the feeling was behind my rantings lay. These candidates did not even have to watch a dvd! If you in the final twenty finalists is of 6,000 candidates, then you put everything on everything? In addition, you choose to do for a K3-living, then you have to know what that life entails? You have to be on a stage with mushrooms talking, eh. Imagine that you are there not at all happy?”

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