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Thekla Reuten pregnant with second child

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Thekla Reuten, who plays a role in Red Sparrow, is pregnant again. The babynieuws came out when the actress and her round belly showed at the movie premiere in New York.

During the premiere of Red Sparrow saw Thekla beautiful in her red dress, but what especially struck me was that they on each photo, her stomach was holding. Her management confirms to RTL Boulevard that she is again pregnant. The 42-year-old actress has been happy with Gijs Naber. Together they have a son of two years.

The career of Thekla Reuten

Thekla Reuten played in 2002, starring in The Twins, and in 2008 was seen in the hit series Lost. In the spionagefilm Red Sparrow , she plays together with the well-known actress Jennifer Lawrence. The movie comes to the Netherlands Thursday at the cinema.

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