Stylist stays with accusation Seacrest

The stylist that presenter Ryan Seacrest previously accused of sexual misconduct, is with her story to have come out. Compared to Variety shows, they know that they report the alleged abuse with resignation, had to die.

Ryan announced in november itself known that there was a complaint against him. “If I have ensured that they are not respected and I regret that me sincerely. But I deny this reckless allegation and will cooperate in any investigation that it may arise”, he said. In early February, NBC, the parent company of Ryan’s channel E!, a statement assume that a third-party investigation of the allegations, but insufficient evidence was found for the allegations.

The woman claims that the research is not thoroughly done. So would several witnesses that she had proposed were never spoken by the commission of inquiry. Itself, she was questioned three times, but found it to say that the inspection on the basis of Ryan.

The lawyer of the presenter, and television producer reacts furiously on the new statements. “It is worrying that Variety choose a story around false allegations against my client, after we have made clear that the beschuldiger has threatened to the press to step in if he its not $ 15 million.” The counsel of the stylist denies that they ever had the money asked.

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