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Stoffel Vandoorne today in action during F1 wintertest

6bd6bf816d9c2cb5f804eeb998229009 - Stoffel Vandoorne today in action during F1 wintertest

For the belgian Stoffel Vandoorne starts today, now really is the new F1-season 2018. After team-mate Fernando Alonso yesterday as the first with the new McLaren MCL33 if testing is today the turn of Vandoorne.

Yesterday drove Alonso is not by his fifth time in the spotlight, but by his trip in the gravel. The Spaniard lost in the last turn of the Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona in control of his F1 car, and ended up in the gravel.

After investigation, McLaren turned out to be a broken nut at the base of the loosening of a wheel to the right rear.

Today, Stoffel Vandoorne, the wheel of Alonso. For our fellow countryman is just like Alonso, a matter of as many test kilometres to drive to the new car as well as possible and to know the team as much as possible usable data for analysis.

The testing schedule for the first F1 wintertest:

– Monday: Valtteri Bottas
– Tuesday: Lewis Hamilton
– Wednesday: nnb
– Thursday: nnb

– Monday: Kimi Were Times
– Tuesday: Sebastian Vettel
– Wednesday: Kimi Were Times
– Thursday: Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull:
– Monday: Daniel Ricciardo
– Tuesday: Max Verstappen
– Wednesday: Daniel Ricciardo
– Thursday: Max Verstappen

Force India:
– Monday: Nikita Mazepin
– Tuesday: Esteban Ocon
– Wednesday: Sergio Perez
– Thursday: Nicholas Russell

– Monday: Lance Stroll (VM) and Sergey Sirotkin (NM)
– Tuesday: Sergey Sirotkin (VM) and Robert Kubica (NM)
– Wednesday: Lance Stroll (VM) and Robert Kubica (NM)
– Thursday: Sergey Sirotkin (VM) and Lance Stroll (NM)

– Monday: Nico Hulkenberg (VM) and Carlos Sainz (NM)
– Tuesday: Carlos Sainz (VM) and Nico Hulkenberg (VM)
– Wednesday: Nico Hulkenberg (VM) and Carlos Sainz (NM)
– Thursday: Carlos Sainz (VM) and Nico Hulkenberg (VM)

Toro Rosso:
– Monday: Brendon Hartley
– Tuesday: Pierre Gasly
– Wednesday: Brendon Hartley
– Thursday: Pierre Gasly

– Monday: Romain Grosjean
– Tuesday: Kevin Magnussen
– Wednesday: Romain Grosjean
– Thursday: Kevin Magnussen

– Monday: Fernando Alonso
– Tuesday: Stoffel Vandoorne
– Wednesday: Fernando Alonso
– Thursday: Stoffel Vandoorne

– Monday: Marcus Ericsson
– Tuesday: Charles Leclerc
– Wednesday: Marcus Ericsson
– Thursday: Charles Leclerc

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