So know Frans Bauer when he needs to stop

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Bauer shows his pension depends on his offspring. The singer has an important appointment with his four sons, he said Tuesday on RTL.

Frans Bauer

Christiaan, Jan, Frans, jr. and Lucas need to keep an eye on how their father on the stage. “I have with my sons an important appointment. As dad to a day on the stage, such as Rob de Nijs, then that’s perfectly. But if otherwise, then they need me at home close.”

For now, the 44-year-old singer is still not planning to have his microphone time to hang up. Friday is his new album Music in the shops. “It is an album full of his own written songs, a reflection of how I am. Some songs are very cheerful, but as you know, knows life with me also a lot of tears.”

According to French Music, in which he goes back to his roots, ” an album that you really love or what you do nothing can find it. “I am the last few years a little have been searching for myself and I music tried to make that a bit wider. But at a certain moment you get up, look in the mirror and you realize you are but one thing really likes it, that is the music.”

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