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Six athletes received in Birmingham, a medal from a previous world cup indoor

9d2a8569ccb97057cc9426a9ef1cabe2 - Six athletes received in Birmingham, a medal from a previous world cup indoor

At the world CHAMPIONSHIPS indooratletiek in Birmingham will be six athletes during an award ceremony, a medal received on one of the previous three world CHAMPIONSHIPS earned, but that they are only after the dopingschorsing of another athlete liked. The podiumceremonies find Friday and Saturday at the beginning of the evening session.

Last year, at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS outdoors in London even though such ceremonies are organized. “And that was generally positively received,” says IAAF president Sebastian Coe. “We are happy that we have the athletes the recognition they deserve. Where can we do it better than in a full stadium at a major championship.”

Friday trade the kogelstoters Joachim Olsen of Denmark and Ralf Bartels from Germany their bronze medals from the world CHAMPIONSHIPS 2006 and 2010, in silver. That after the disqualification of the White-Rus Andrei Mikhnevich.

Saturday gets the American verspringster Tianna Bartoletta of the gold in 2006 at the neck of the Russian Tatyana Kotova was hung. The Spanish Concepcion Montaner, fourth in Moscow, takes the bronze in the receipt. The Slovenian hop-step-springster Marija Sestak exchanging her bronze Valencia 2008 for the silver that is initially to the Greek Hrysopiyí Devetzi went. The American vijfkampster Hyleas Fountain, in 2010, fourth in Doha, takes the bronze of the Russian Tatyana Chernova.

For eight other athletes who are travelling to Birminghham couldn’t or wanted to make, will later have a ceremony on the rope.

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