SBS comes with ’telefoonquiz’

412f2f65d732f08ad9860352265778c3 - SBS comes with ’telefoonquiz’

Next summer comes Talpa with a new gameshow on tv, that anyone with the phone can join. The gameshow LUCKY13 is coming on working days and on fixed times on SBS6. In that half hour everyone can from your own phone, try as many questions as possible as quickly as possible to answer.

The game revolves around general knowledge in the form of thirteen questions. The one that is the fastest and most of the questions correctly, wins the prize money. For multiple winners the prize money is split equally among them. The money each day after the show paid.

Many more details are not yet known. So the app is still in the making and is the presenter still sought. Also, it is not yet clear how much money participants per day can win. However, according to SBS to a “substantial amount.”

The idea for LUCKY13 is based on the American game HQ Trivia, a big hit in the US.

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