Saudi king replaces military toplui

55a28352f70dfef429df27655d96ebda - Saudi king replaces military toplui

In a large personeelswissel has the Saudi king Salman many high officers within the army and is replaced. As for the frost Monday evening, among others, the top of the general staff, the army, the air force and anti-aircraft batteries. That told the state news agency SPA.

Also toplui on the ministries of interior and Foreign Affairs and Defence were replaced, just as the adviser of the king. A justification for the many replacements was not given.

The driving force behind the large-scale personeelswissel would the 32-year-old crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, who as the strong man in the sunni kingdom is considered to be. As minister of Defence he is also responsible for the military intervention of Saudi Arabia in the civil war in neighboring Yemen.

Mohammed bin Salman had in the past few months many social reforms. So women may soon be in the strictly islamic-conservative kingdom’s driving. In november, in addition to dozens of princes and other prominent personalities arrested on suspicion of corruption. Observers saw in it a attempt of the crown prince to his power to consolidate.

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