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Romelu Lukaku is flying to the US… to NBA game to watch

f1ac27b2fd9141c535e05df55db88d73 - Romelu Lukaku is flying to the US... to NBA game to watch

Red Devil Romelu Lukaku left while Manchester and attended the NBA game between Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls in New York. The Nets won with a 104-87 of the Bulls. “First on the first row,” he shared proudly on social media.

It is not the first time Lukaku in America is to go to the basket to look, it is the first time that Big Rom on the first row sat. He got from his seat a monsterdunk. Nets player Jarrett Allen, flew in the third quarter on his opponent, Lauri Markkanen. The 19-year-old center used his entire wingspan to the Fin to outwit.

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