Politicians divided on new Canvas-manager

2a8199d981d1f18c29b46a4d5b469cf7 - Politicians divided on new Canvas-manager

Canvas will have the same boss as One. That hit Monday known. How does the politics? Wilfried Vandaele, that for N-VA in the mediacommissie is, there is no hesitation in this decision. “The VRT itself knows best how her organization needs to expand. This decision may just be good for One and Canvas. Their profiles should be distinctive, stands out in the management agreement. A network manager that both stations under his care, there might also be better to ensure that there is no overlap.” Commissioner Katia Segers (SP.(A) is less happy and says in The Standard: ‘Olivier Goris is a very competent mediamanager. However, I am concerned. This should not be the first step to the end of the idea of “Canvas”. Because the transmitter includes the most substantial part of the public service broadcasting: culture, documentary and current affairs.’

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