Plenty of calls about winter break in England

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In the English football press talk about the introduction of a winter break. The English football association (FA), the English Football League (EFL), that the leagues below the Premier League it represents and the Premier League are talking about it in conversation according to the BBC.

Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho are both in favour of a winter break in England

From the season 2019/20 would be there in February for a winter break need to come. It is intended that there one weekend ten Premier essentially a cove play, the other weekend the other ten clubs to the bin. That means that each club has a small two weeks free.

Every year around the holidays stir up in England, the discussion on why there is no winter break. While on the European mainland, hardly played, know the clubs in the Premier League in december and January, a packed program.

In January let manager Pep Guardiola, Manchester City know that the crowded program killing was for his players. And his colleague Jose Mourinho, Manchester United said success in the Champions League for English clubs is harder because they have to play.

However, had Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger ever know a game to go whine if there is a winter break comes in.

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