One goes to The Round repeat

f691f16075b7dc95877c04883f4cc480 - One goes to The Round repeat

One is the fiction series The Round of Jan Eelen for the first retransmit. Not in a once a week pace, but on a daily basis. The Round will start on Monday, march 12 and comes every time around 22h on the screen at the place of van Gils & Guests. That talk show is taking a little vacation. It is remarkable that the late News all around 21.45 on tv. Know The Newspaper. The fiction series from 2011, with the course as backdrop, the stories of a number of people of all stripes who, like the riders, on that day, all of that to win or to lose. There is, however, a dozen storylines where all the Tour of Flanders, a role, and which in other ways meet. O. a. the now regretted starring Marc Van Eeghem and Paul Wuyts play.

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