NPO: the Netherlands loses with Mies tv-icon

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The netherlands loses one of its greatest tv icons, which is the cradle of the Dutch tv has been located. That says Shula Rijxman, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dutch Public Broadcasting system.

“Millions of Dutch people enjoyed her in high-profile programs, such as In the lead role, One of the eight, Mies and scene and So it happened even once. With the first fundraising campaign on radio and tv, the 23 hour Open The Village, she brought together, says the topvrouw of the NPO. “She was as versatile craftswoman in front of and behind the scenes, the undisputed queen of television.”

“The significance of Mies Bouwman, Dutch television is indescribably great,” says interim director Marc Adriani BNNVARA. “Together with her husband, the late director Leen Timp, made Mies in the period of the early 60’s until 1973, the legendary VARA-titles if the game is One of the eight, the interviewprogramma Mies and scene and the much talked about satirical program, As it also happens, not even once. For both One of the eight if So is it… if they have a Televizier-Ring. BNNVARA remember Mies Bouwman as a passionate craftswoman, as a concerned producer and above all as an amiable man.”

Mies Bouwman worked from 1963 to 1973 in the VARA.

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