Newborn daughter, Gregory van der Wiel is called Naleya Rose

Gregory van der Wiel and Rose Betram have Monday the name of their Saturday-born daughter published. She listens to the name Naleya Rose van der Wiel.

“Meet my little girl Naleya Rose van der Wiel. She is a Saturday night born. She and her mother Rose Bertram make it right,” writes the footballer by a picture of the girl on Instagram.

The 23-year-old Bertram placed Sunday a photo of herself and her friend in the hospital. At that time, was Naleya already born witness to the text of the 30-year-old Van der Wiel, who this winter the Italian Cagliari for the Canadian Toronto FC exchanged.

Naleya is the first child of van der Wiel and the Belgian Bertram. Since 2015 the two have a relationship.

Van der Wiel played at that time for the Dutch national team. The past few years was the right back, who in addition to Cagliari and Toronto for Fenerbahçe, Paris Saint-Germain and Ajax played, not called for Orange.

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