New single Luc Steeno

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After a few very successful operations on numbers of o.a. Frédéric François (I Love Life) and Alvaro Soler (Under The Sun) found Luc Steeno that it was time again to some brand new material for the day to come. Just as he has in the past been repeatedly did beat Luc at the end of last year from John Terra who, for him, a couple of new songs composed including this new single ‘I Will Wait’. Susy Baels completed the team and made for an appropriate text, producer Phil He brought the song to life and made a contemporary arrangement.

‘I Will Wait’ is a very catchy song that you immediately into the atmosphere of the impending spring brings, a real feel-good number! For Luc is also the harbinger of his new album this year, an album that, in turn, the harbinger will be out of Luc’s tenth year 2019, in which he 30-year career celebrates.

‘I Will Wait’ appears this Friday, march 2, as digital download or via streaming.

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