Naaktscènes helped Jennifer Lawrence about telefoonhack to get over

The pictures of the naaktscènes for the film Red Sparrow helped Jennifer Lawrence to get over the trauma of the leak of her nude photos, she tells Vanity Fair.

Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of Red Sparrow

Initially made the 27-year-old actress is still a bit worried about what people would say about her. “My biggest fear was that one would find that I am not allowed to complain about the hacking of my phone and the naked pictures that when to came out, now I myself still naked showed,” says Jennifer Lawrence into the leaf.

In 2014, was her phone hacked and were nude photos of her to the outside. Last year showed they still know there still not over it. That they still ’yes,’ said against a role for which she is in some scenes, completely out of the clothes, had to be, has a reason. “It is my own choice. I take something back that of me was stolen and it felt normal. It helped me heal,” says the famous actress.

Had they already know during the filming of these scenes, completely at her ease, in contrast to earlier films.

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