More than thirty dead earthquake Papua New Guinea

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PORT MORESBY – a strong earthquake in Papua New Guinea according to local media at least thirty people to the life to come. The local newspaper Post Courier reported Tuesday, more than three hundred wounded. The exact extent of the damage is, however, more than 24 hours after the earthquake are still unclear. In addition, there are still aftershocks.

Especially in the interior, difficult of access, would be a lot of deadly victims. Several homes have been destroyed and in many places are communication and power lines down. The earthquake with a strength of 7.5 on the Richter scale was also felt on the other half of the divided island, in the Indonesian province of Papua. There were but a few buildings sustained damage.

According to the Post Courier, there are at least thirteen people were killed in the provincial capital Mendi only. In the districts Kutubu and Bosave there were certainly eighteen killed.

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