“Moon has a relationship’

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Moon has a relationship with dj Tony Junior. That made the News known that the father of Tony Junior spoke on the occasion of a photo on Instagram. This is the singer to see with the family Peroni during a joint dinner.

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Although the management of the Moon the relationship is interfering with “They have fun together”, confirms the father of Tony Junior that his son has a relationship with the singer. Toni Peroni, itself English drummer with, among others, The charity was already a fan of Moon before he personally knew, but is now even more enthusiastic. “Yes, she is also a nice and good person, she is very special.” He calls her yet further lyrical ’very nice’, ’warm person’, ’honest’ and ’sensitive’.

His son himself does not want too much about it. “We have a lot of fun together. All I’m saying about that.” The two would the father have met at an event where Tony as a dj turned and she as a visitor was present.

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