‘Moon and Tony Junior have a relationship’

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Singer Moon Steenwinkel (21) and dj Tony Junior (28) are dating. Tony’s father, Toni Peroni, confirms Tuesday that the two have a relationship.

“She is a wereldwijf; really very nice, very nice, warm person,” says Peroni at News. “We know her already, of course, private. And she is sincere, sensitive person. And it is very nice to be with her to go out to eat. There is a very good click.”

According to Peroni have The Steenwinkel and his son via Instagram meet, but “doesn’t know this for sure”. He says that the two together last summer for the first time encountered. “Tony had somewhere to run and she came as a visitor.”

The management of The Steenwinkel says that “the two have fun together” and also the dj does not want more information about the relationship to let go.

First relationship

The Steenwinkel, who is currently in the charts with her Ronnie Flex-duet Stay with me, let us know never had a relationship to have had. “I think it is interesting and if it comes by, I’m also certainly open but just didn’t,” she said in conversation with radiodj Lex Gaarthuis.

Tony Junior, born as Tony Claessens, previously had a relationship with YouTuber Dionne Slagter. He scored hits with song like Get Down and, together with his father in the reallifesoap Toni & Tony: like Father, like Son.

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