Mies Bouwman, once more, back to see in One of the eight

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The legendary game, One of the eight is Wednesday again on television. BNNVARA with the repetition a tribute to Mies Bouwman, who on Monday passed away. That is published in The World Runs By.

One of the eight with Mies Bouwman

The 25th episode of One of the eight, that in may, 1972, for the first time on the tube was, Wednesday evening at 21.25 hours repeated on NPO 1. The jubileumuitzending of the VARA program is one of the few preserved images of the familieshow, that Mies Bouwman from 1969 to 1973 presented.

In One of the eight received Mies eight ’ordinary’ Dutch. Characteristic in the game show was the current band that is at the end and with the winner as much as possible of the prices shown had to remember to bring home. Mies wrote televisiehistorie with the program, among others, with the words ’lights out, spot on’ which the outcome is announced.

Mies died Monday afternoon at age 88 in her home in Elst. Tuesday, march 6, will be the presenter in a closed circle cremated.

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