Melania discharge the organizer, inauguration

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WASHINGTON – Melania Trump has her ’good friend’ and advisor Stephanie Wolkoff dismissed. Wolkoff worked officially unpaid for the staff of Melania Trump, but her company received, however, 26 million dollars for the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Wolkoff (center) organized the inauguration, which a lot of fuss arose because aerial photographs are not so busy was visited (left) as the inauguration of pastor Obama, al think Trump did.

The team of Melania Trump, thanks Wolkoff for her ’outstanding work’, as report by international media. About Wolkoff’s performance opinions differ. The company of Wolkoff, CLEAR Media Partners, it was not until a month before the inauguration set up.

Wolkoff received 26 million of the 107 million dollars that were spent, while critics question the added value of CLEAR Media Partners. Some details about the deal licked recently. So, there is a kostenpot of $ 500,000 to ’promotional gifts’.

With the 107 million dollars was the inauguration of Donald Trump – not so well attended as that of Obama, thinks Trump of up – according to foreign media twice as expensive as that of Obama.

Previously worked Wolkoff as organizer of events for Vogue. She was the first that Melania Trump believed. Managed to Melania Trump ’nothing about the distribution of budgets’, says a spokesman.

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