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Marc Coucke is considering candidacy presidency Pro League

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Marc Coucke is considering to stand as a candidate for the presidency of the Pro League. That confirmed the new chairman of RSC Anderlecht Monday in the VRT-program Extra Time. The previous chairman of Anderlecht, Roger Vanden Stock, took last week resigned as chairman of the Pro League.

“I still don’t know if I am a candidate, president, go, I need to think about whether I have sufficient added value, but I consider it extremely serious,” said Coucke.

Or the chairman of the Pro League better, an independent person would be. “No, just not,” said Coucke. “The CEO, who must be independent. And the president should be there as a representative of the shareholders, the clubs, to ensure that the CEO does his job well. The presidency is not an operational function.”

On the past transfer of Anderlecht is Coucke not satisfied. “The mercato is not optimized. Anderlecht had a scoring problem and let four scoring players: Harbaoui, Stanciu, Hanni and Beric. But I could me not moeien and have not done. By this I mean no criticism of Herman van leuven luc van wassenhoven. He has in the past stunning transfers done and what now is lost, I do not know. I have not yet with Of leuven luc van wassenhoven talk and know not whether he was still at Anderlecht and wants to stay.”

Title is still possible

“We’ll go with Anderlecht next year, Barcelona still can’t be beat, the chance is very small, but in the long term if I want to reconnect with the European subtop. The Belgian league is one of the competitions the most, followed by the big five. That means that I, of course, no striker should go buy at Paris Saint-Germain, however, that I should try a striker to PSG later in interested. That is the way to the Belgian football structured top to help. The chance that Luc Devroe to Anderlecht comes to realize, is real. But what, when and how, I can now have no answer to give.”

“This season I would still like at least the second place. When we go to the Champions League, we can also make it easier for good players to attract. The title can also. Since yesterday we have that again almost in their own hands.” If Anderlecht from now on all wins and Club Brugge only against Anderlecht points, ending the clubs are equal, but Bruges is still champion, because the regular season as the leader concluded.

The Eurostadion for Coucke is no longer an option. “A club like Anderlecht must have its own stadium. About how that then sits with the in-principle agreements with client Ghelamco, should I for legal reasons, say nothing.”

“With coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck, I have not yet about the future of Anderlecht spoken, but that I’m not high with him would go up is really not true. When that in the press, I immediately called to put that right. Van Haezebrouck is a very, very good coach and we are happy that we have him at Anderlecht.” .


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