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Marc Coucke and immediately set the tone: “I’m going to the financial policy at Anderlecht differently.”

100814cddff03a3e8fb58cac4a29afdd - Marc Coucke and immediately set the tone: “I'm going to the financial policy at Anderlecht differently.”

Marc Coucke was sitting in the tv programme Extra Time. There, he portrayed himself for the first time as Anderlecht-chairman. And he spoke immediately ambitious language: “I’m going to the financial policy at Anderlecht in a different manner. The revenues to 10 million euro up, spending 5 million down.”

The tone was immediately set when he himself should propose: “Marc Coucke, Royal Sporting Anderlecht.”

Saturday took Coucke farewell to KV Oostende, Sunday, there was his joyous entry in Anderlecht. “I was shocked himself of how many cameras there were, I am myself now also already some tired of seen on tv”, he chuckled.

KVO: no shares, debts waived

Coucke left his “weireldploegsje” however, with a beautiful gesture: he flogged the club to 14.2 million euro in debts lost: “I’m proud that five years KVO and I am also happy with my successor Peter Callant. Now they are standing there, UNTIL all of the good a stable of the top teams to remain.”

“Initially, I wanted 10% of the shares as a signal to the fans that I have them not in the stitch wanted to leave. But at the Gala of the Golden Shoe, I heard that many have problems with them. I have thought about that and I also felt it was not good. I have therefore decided to sell everything. Only the stadium is still of me, that can be the club at favourable rates of rent. I will, therefore, always a supporter, stay out of “my ploegske”. And now I, which are liabilities of 14.2 million eur have waived, wait for the club a bright future.”

Anderlecht: in the long term, there should be more balance

But now, Coucke, so an Anderlecht-man: “I felt immediately that I was a supporter of Anderlecht. I go there quite a bit of passion myself inserting, I do it for the challenge. I was Sunday was initially the only one on the grandstand right jump, with that fifth goal, there were already some more. Those people are not less content, and keep the same amount of football. However, they are something else and they are allowed to remain, but also I will myself remain.”

The last time there were negative signals to the outside about the numbers of Anderlecht. Coucke was, however, not surprised. “Of course I knew those figures. But football has a funny accounting system: there is a very big difference between figures on paper and figures in reality. During the last transfer there were a few “sub-optimal” decisions, the transfers were not phenomenal. This fall I manager Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven, however, I have not yet spoken with him and knows what info he scoutingsapparaat. I have a lot of respect for what he and Roger Vanden Stock have been achieved. But they have it their way done, I have a bit of a different style and will be the financial what else to tackle.”

“Now they took risks and succeeded, they played Champions League. Didn’t, then they had to transfer. In the long term, there should be more balance. The revenues to 10 million euro up, spending 5 million down. The club should not depend more on transfers. I will go again to invest in a player, but what the wage bill is concerned, I require a lot more discipline. But if a player is needed, we will be a player. And preferably a young player, it may be worth more, and that is an investment.”

“You might want Of leuven luc van wassenhoven itself does not remain”

That Herman Van leuven luc van wassenhoven for many now, the bitten dog, Coucke itself not to have said. “I’ll say it: I have not yet spoken with him. For Luc Devroe, I have a lot of respect, he is one of the best managers. The chance is real that he is coming but what, when, and how it will later be apparent. Or Of leuven luc van wassenhoven? Maybe he wants that himself. The transfer was not phenomenal. We will speak, but maybe Herman did with Luc Devroe work together. Whether this is also the end of Mogi Bayat means? Each broker will get opportunities to me. We are going to Anderlecht just analyse. There there, now 242 people full-time. That seems to me a lot, even if there are no 50 secretaries who do nothing.”

“Anderlecht has their own stadium”

And then there was the stadiondossier: “I think a club like Anderlecht a private stadium should have, that I know from experience at Lille. If you have a stadium, renting the extrasportieve income is not for you but for the operator. And then is a club difficult to be viable. But about the commitments of the previous board with the Eurostadion and such I can due to legal reasons, not a word to say.”

“I can Vanhaezebrouck by one door, figuratively, surely,”

“That I have with coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck not by one door could? Figuratively, sure, but we have not yet Anderlecht spoken. When it was said that I was not high, with him rose, I have him a call to say that that was not right. And as I say, that the next season will “probably” coach of Anderlecht, is that just because I know how it is in football, you can never be 100% sure.”

“Specializes in the pole-onaise”

For the match against Mouscron spoke Coucke with striker Teodorczyk, who immediately three times scored. The Polish striker has said, wild Coucke however, was not to say. “I am specialized in the pole-onaise, hey”, he smiled. “But at Anderlecht was far too much chatting about internal affairs that should have been done. But I certainly not asked to be as bad as possible to play…”

“Saw Deschacht scoring, thought I veterans was”

Finally, presenter Frank Raes is still that of Olivier Deschacht at the promises had scored: “I know That, because I’m going to look at. When I saw him score I even thought for a moment that I have with the veterans sat… just Kidding, hey: I know him well. That he on me is counting to mediate, that may be so but I will never make sporting decisions.”

Also this: Coucke considering candidacy presidency Pro League

Marc Coucke is considering to stand as a candidate for the presidency of the Pro League. The previous chairman of Anderlecht, Roger Vanden Stock, took last week resigned as chairman of the Pro League. “I still don’t know if I am a candidate, chairman, go – I need to think about whether I have sufficient added value can give – but I consider it extremely serious,” said Coucke.

Or the chairman of the Pro League better, an independent person would be. “No, just not,” said Coucke. “The CEO, who must be independent. And the president should be there as a representative of the shareholders, the clubs, to ensure that the CEO does his job well. The presidency is not an operational function.”

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