Man shot during Facebook Live

ce3793c80d3723308c7383a89c5899c2 - Man shot during Facebook Live

WASHINGTON – An American is killed, while he directly images of himself sent via Facebook Live. Prentis Robinson filmed himself using a selfiestick when the fatal shots were fired, a message The Washington Post.

American television have the hand placed on the video (here made unrecognizable).

The video of the victim show that he is near his death, all filmend on the street in Wingate (North Carolina). There came suddenly a man with a long object. Robinson seemed to be frightened and said that he was filming. “You’re live,” said the 55-year-old man repeatedly. Then followed shots, and the camera fell to the ground.

Robinson died on the spot from his injuries. The police now has a 60-year-old suspect in custody. The victim did on social media is often a booklet open about conflicts in the neighborhood, said neighbors against a local television channel. It is still unclear whether that has anything to do with the deadly shooting.

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