Leonardo DiCaprio pulls a wallet for protection of environment, Seychelles

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The actor continues for a better environment.

Actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has $ 1 million committed to the ecosystem off the coast of the Seychelles, to help protect.

The actor has joined forces with The Nature Conservancy to use the funds to carry over to the leaders of the country to protect the area against illegal fishing and the effects of climate change.

The donation, the establishment of two marine reserves in the Indian Ocean.

“This will mean that all species in these waters of life or through the migrate now much better protected from overfishing, pollution and climate change,” said DiCaprio in a statement about his donation.

Leonardo has over the past months, a number of similar donations have been made, after announcing that he had 20 million dollars would give out to charities all over the world to tackle climate change. He announced his plan during a speech at a conference on climate change at Yale University in september and declared: “We are proud to present the work of more than 100 organisations in the netherlands and abroad to support. This organization protect our oceans, forests and endangered species, and address the urgent, existential challenges of climate change.”

He added that there is now much happening in the area of energy, clean transportation and sustainable agriculture. That makes it, according to him, possible to a better future for all of us to work.

“Our challenge is to find new ways to improve life and everyone is an advocate for clean air and drinkable water. We must demand that politicians, climate change does not accept, and bold commitments to do before it’s too late.”

Through the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has the movie star and environmentalist since 1998, more than 80 million dollars were given out.

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