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Kustburgemeester happy with hit about his church: “Dreamt advertising’

Geike Arnaert is the former singer of Hooverphonic, has in our country a number one hit to tackle. Together with the Dutch phenomenon of the BAND she sings about Zoutelande, a suburb of the Dutch town of Veere. And there they are in the resort, incredibly happy.

“Nothing is better than with you braving the cold temperatures, There are people who go to warm countries to emigrate, But we have no money in our cold hands So we can go to your parents in Zoutelande, Zoutelande’

The tune of the BAND and Geike Arnaert is already on our radio, but has only recently really hard on the go in our country. The number is on one in the Flemish Ultratop, and at three in the Ultratop Singles and in the Netherlands for a few weeks already at one in the charts.

Rob van der Zwaag (CDA), mayor of Veere, is very satisfied with the success of the song. ‘That number is, of course, the ultimate citybranding, ” he says to The Newspaper. “I didn’t even know that there are a number of Zoutelande was coming. But when I heard for the first time, I immediately knew the impact it would make.’

More and more Belgians on a visit

According to van der Zwaag is the choice for its seaside resort, also very logical. “We have the only south-beach West-Europe. And unspoiled nature. And you can very good food. And the terraces are located behind the dunes. You Belgians come here by the way more and more frequently visit. We see an annual increase. And the number will probably be for an additional boost.’

According to the tourist service of the province of Zeeland is today approximately 15% of the total number of guests in Zoutelande all originating from Belgium. “But that may easily be more. Fortunately, bears the hit to the positive image of Zoutelande. Not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, ” says Sonja Van der Foot of VVV Zeeland.

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