Kristel Verbeke was afraid that the happiness of K3 depended

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Kristel Verbeke was feared that her life would end if they would stop with the K3. “It felt as if my fate and my happiness in Q3 were riveted.”

“I was afraid of: ‘If K3 is no more, that happiness may also be on the way?’ It took a while before I could believe it without K3 as well, would come,” said Verbeke (42) in the interview with Humo.

In 2015, stepped Verbeke from Q3. According to the singer, it was good that they after a while the manager of the new formation around Hanne, Marthe and Klaasje. While they are initially not wanted.

“I thought: I’m not happy to find someone else on my place. Perhaps I will even be jealous. But gradually, I wanted the fact that they are in a spot that would be good to fill it in, and I did everything to help them.”

“Sing and dance can you learn from everyone. But no one knows how it feels to nine times per weekend on a stage, and then only in your cold car to drive home and think: “Tomorrow, everyone in the supermarket who I am. I am of the people now.’ I wanted them to be happy to help to deal with them.”


The singer lost at a young age, both her sisters and had to work quickly to make a financial contribution to run the household. Verbeke believes that her lot is decreased, but that its also much is given. The happiness that she felt during her time in Q3 was also still noticeable.

“Sometimes I have the feeling that I have the servings lucky and have gotten my sisters credit. That’s why I will always and everywhere try to do my best. I work for three.”

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