John Ewbank denies masturbatieverhaal from biography Gordon

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John Ewbank has taken away from the revelation that Gordon in his biography. The songwriter had Shownews know to distance itself from the “distasteful lies” in the forthcoming book.

“He is always the victim. This time of his own fantasy”, responded Ewbank, author of Gordons hit , I Could, but just to be with you, Tuesday.

Gordon claims that he and Ewbank years ago porn watched and masturbated. “I think that John is old and wise enough to really fully to parry. It is not that we have to each other have been,” said the entertainer Monday night in home cooked apple pie.

Wednesday is the biography of Gordon, which is written by Marcel Langedijk. In an interview with Private said the 49-year-old Gordon previously that a lot of people would be scared by the stories in his biography. “I am not only about what other people from the world of showbiz have done or said, but also just the pain and sorrow that I even had to endure in life. There is almost no one knows of.”

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