Jennifer Lawrence still loves ex David Aronofsky

9e29804db1879e9ff636f34556dca80a - Jennifer Lawrence still loves ex David Aronofsky

And not only of David. She still loves all her previous boyfriends.

Jennifer Lawrence has, for the first time told about her broken relationship. They let us know that they will always continue to love her ex, director Darren Aronofsky. The actress went with Aronofsky dating after for him, she fell on the set of the film Mother!. The relationship ended last summer spoke.

“I was already two years in love with him”, told Jennifer during a recent recording of the podcast of Marc Maron. “I still love him very much.”

Jennifer may be her first meeting with Darren still remembers very well, and adds: “He flew to the inside, pitchte the movie and left. The whole story lasted probably an hour and a half. I was pretty impressed with him.”

But it took Jennifer still quite a bit of time and effort for Darren to win.

During her conversation with Maron revealed to Jennifer that she like to be friends with her all her exes, including Nicholas Hoult. “I think it is because I am right-for-his-pick up am,” she said. “I don’t think you have a bad relationship with someone can have as you can be, everyone always knows how you feel and there is no lie, it’s just honesty. All my friends have been amazing, Nick was a great friend.”

She added that they are always hard after a break. “but my exes have given me, never broke down. They were just good people. Maybe that’s the secret – I’m attracted to good people.”

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