Jan Nagel asks church to pay tribute Mies Bouwman

50e16e1988bbca62d2826a6784de87e3 - Jan Nagel asks church to pay tribute Mies Bouwman

Old-omroepman and 50PLUS-First Member of parliament Jan Nagel asks the municipality of Bussum and the provinicie North-Holland, Mies Bouwman posthumously again to honor, by the existing Mies Bouwmanboulevard in Hilversum pull through to Bussum. This let Nail know in a statement.

Since 2007, this Mies Bouwmanboulevard in Hilversum all, but the existence thereof is with a lot of stampij.

Despite earlier attempts by, among others, the Hilversum mayor Ernst Bakker to the boulevard to extend in Bussum, asks Jan Nail again to this by pulling it to the late televisiekoningin to honor.

Nail has always had a special bond with Bouwman had. “So we went every year twice to eat, once in Hilversum and once in the surroundings of Elst, where Mies lived. Also after the death of her husband, this tradition maintained. Last fall was the last time. Mies invited us personally for her last birthday last december 31. You’re a real friend, ” she said. I find this a great compliment of the now-dead but immortal Mies. It is a great privilege, this Mies, is also used to the VARA, so experienced to be allowed to have,” said Jan Nagel.

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