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“I’m glad you’re here’ you will sing better with two than alone

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The oorwurm of the moment is ‘Zoutelande’. This is the story of the village, the group and the second voice. And of the hypnotic sentence.

Nothing is better than with you braving the cold temperatures. There are people who go to warm countries to emigrate. But we have no money in our cold hands. So we go to parents in village of Zoutelande in Zoutelande …

Nothing is better than with you braving the cold temperatures. There are people who go to warm countries to emigrate. But we have no money in our cold hands. So we go to parents in village of Zoutelande in Zoutelande.

If you are a Radio 1 listener, then sing this with the eyes closed. And not only Radio 1 is running like Bløfs hit. The number is on one in the Flemish Ultratop, and at three in the Ultratop Singles and in the Netherlands already for several weeks on one in the charts. The reason for the success not only this week, very applicable – first rule.

First something about Zoutelande.

There, you can really go. It is a village in the province Zeeland municipality of Veere, on the former island of Walcheren. The village has the switch to tourism has created and offers a beautiful sandy beach. More: it is together with the neighbouring beaches of Dishoek and Westkapelle, the ‘Riviera of Zeeland’. There are more here, in fact, no beaches that are really oriented to the south.

To go on holiday to Zoutelande is definitely not the worst option. Though it is to the real Riviera, usually warmer. The band is actually a local group. When they sing about this holiday, it means that they go on vacation in a couple of minutes drive from their place of residence.

The mayor of the village is already very satisfied about the advertising. ‘That number is, of course, the ultimate citybranding, ” he says to The Newspaper. “I didn’t even know that there are a number of Zoutelande was coming. But when I heard for the first time, I immediately knew the impact it would have.’

According to the tourist service of the province of Zeeland is about 15% of all guests in Zoutelande coming from Belgium. “But that may easily be more. Fortunately, bears the hit to the positive image of Zoutelande. Not only in the Netherlands but also in Belgium, ” says Sonja Van der Foot of VVV Zeeland.

Nice and cosy

And then we sit here in the old house. What you’re telling me keeps me sober and warm. Over my head, I see the grey clouds. I’m glad you’re here, glad you’re here. We are here in the rickety beach house. Made me already never from where we were. We swim ourselves in the liquor of your father. I’m glad you’re here, glad you’re here.

Therefore, we have here to make a hit. Zoutelande is a comforting number, just like a hot cup of tea/coffee/soup can soothe. We are sitting on a rickety place, the weather is disappointing, but we are together. Not a love song from the booklet where the sun shines, the sand is burning and the colors just warm. A cosy number. And the last sentence that is repeated often enough, it sticks. It’s also just a very nice phrase where all of us can imagine.

Second youth in the Netherlands

The band is in the Netherlands already known. They carpentry for almost twenty years on the road and scored in their home-country hits such as ‘Love From London’, ‘Dancing At Sea’, ‘On The Coast’ and ‘Love Is All’.

Yet, Zoutelande in the Netherlands special. “The success of this song feels like a second youth,” said singer Paskal Jacobsen recently. It is the first number 1 of the group since 2008 and was also already a gold record. Last week won ‘Zoutelande’ the price for the ‘Hit of the year’ at the 100% NL Awards. The song earned the Band a spot on the bill of the Pinkpop festival. They were all not more have been since 2006. Their concert of march 10, in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome is sold out. In december, they are in Ahoy (Rotterdam).

Remarkably enough, ‘Zoutelande’ on the album In a different version than what you are always on our radio to hear, without Geike Arnaert. “But for the single, we chose a duet. It is a romantic number. We have Geike, a voice found one that fits me. The phrase, “I’m glad you’re here” sounds so better if you have him man-to-woman sings and vice versa, ” said singer Jakobsen in the AD.

New for Flanders

By Geike Arnaert makes the Band crossed over to Flanders. Also with us the Band is now a hit. And performances.

Flanders was almost unexplored area for the local people. “None us know, usually we had one performance per year in a room of seven hundred people, half of whom are Dutch. Now we notice that something is happening, a Belgian career is real. We have to see to address”, says Jakobsen. The group meets three times to our country and, yes, the performances are already sold out. But not to worry. There is now an extra gig scheduled at the Ancienne Belgique at the end of the year. There are still tickets for.

Little borrowed, though

Nichts ist besser if mit dir zu überwintern. Manche fliegen in den to the South um sich warm zu halten. Wir haben keine Kohle und du Fear form Fliegen. Und wir besuchen deine Eltern. In Frankfurt Oder, Frankfurt Oder. Und dann sitzen wir here im Gartenpavillon. Was du erzählst hält mich nüchtern und warm. Oben am Himmel regnen Clouds. Ich bin froh, dass du da bist. Bin froh, dass du da bist.

‘Zoutelande’, incidentally, is not of the Band only. The original is a German song, ‘Frankfurt Oder’ of Bosse and goes on a leave, what desolate German place where two people each other found in a garden shed.

The step to Zealand and a beach house, was not so great for the translator. There is in the summer of things to do. But not when it is cold and cloudy.

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