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Humor in a white wine

8ebecf97e46b0c5b4f18ef2fe4071de3 - Humor in a white wine

After the (so far) busiest morning of the year and a day of strikes in the railways you have a quiet evening in front of the tube twice earned.


One 21.15-21.45 hrs

This humorous sketchshow remains very changeable, but the level drops never so deep that a white wine can’t, jack.

2 FATUM (ROOM 216)

NPO 2 22.55-0.00 hours

Unique documentary in which the interrogation of a high-ranking Canadian military as a possible witness in an investigation of a killing, gradually a very different turn. The video of the interrogation are interspersed with footage of a cellist and violinist who the music Began to rehearse.


Canvas 21.15-22.05 hours

Phara De Aguirre alights on the female rebels of the FARC in Colombia, which now has the weapons laid down and try to re-integrate into the society that they are fifty years have contested.

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