House of Rubens to purchase

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ANTWERP – The castle of Peter Paul Rubens for sale. For 4 million you can become owner of the Castle of Elewijt (’The Stone’) at Antwerp, report The Standard and The Art Newspaper. The master lived there from 1635 to his death in 1640, and painted several of his works, such as ” Landscape with tower of castle Steen’, and ’view of het Steen in the early morning’.

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The Rubens have taken building dates from 1304, and is with 33 rooms is not a ’tiny house’. Also always easy: it has a private chapel.

Rubens bought ’The Stone’ in 1631, according to The Standard for 93.000 Carolusguldener. After the castle had been renovated, he lived there with Helena Fourment, who at the age of 16 with the then 53-year-old artist in the marriage was entered into. According to tradition, was the couple very happy with each other and with his children.

’The Stone’ should not be confused with the rubens house in Antwerp, where the artist previously lived and worked and which is now a museum.

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