Holy Sepulchre church will re-open after protests

202d2ccb0e915035a273421e4b703c7a - Holy Sepulchre church will re-open after protests

JERUSALEM – The Holy Sepulchre church in Jerusalem, where Jesus would be crucified, buried and resurrected, reopens Wednesday morning, the doors. That has the leaf Haaretz published. The leaders of the three main christian denominations locks the sanctuary Sunday in protest against a municipal tax plan and the proposed grondpolitiek of the government. Both proposals are preliminary in the la laid.

The city council of Jerusalem wanted to tax levy on church property that is not for services to be used. The Israeli government launched a controversial draft law to retroactively expropriation of land since 2010 by the Greek orthodox and roman catholic churches has been sold to real estate companies and property developers.

Most of the pieces of land, in total approximately 50 hectares, are situated in the popular neighborhoods, Rehavia, Talbiya and Nayot. The new owners would be financially compensated, but residents were afraid to move after the end of the erfpachttermijn.

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