Half a cup finals go Wednesday simply by

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Feyenoord – Willem II will be Wednesday night, unless the weather conditions dramatically deteriorate. That notice came after consultation between the clubs and the KNVB.

The team works hard to get the field ready to receive it.

The football association had already announced that is not so long to wait as the last time, with snow forecasts uncertain match of Feyenoord from FC Utrecht. The field, in The Cockpit, that is warm, and for days covered and also warm lichtlampen it has, is there well with. But the fear in the bond and the clubs was that the supporters would be too cold.

The netherlands is going to be calculated tomorrow, the coldest day of the year to meet. Especially by the windfactor would the temperature is below 15 degrees below zero.

Robin van Persie is certainly in the basis. He then goes together with Nicolai Jørgensen play. Van Bronckhorst think there is not one of the two from the team. “At this moment, I think of all of the two.”

Hot chocolate

Supporters braving the cold temperatures and towards The Cockpit, get a free cup of hot chocolate and a set of handwarmers. The club advises spectators to be hot to dress up, to keep on the move and no alcohol, but warm beverages to drink.

In the other semi-final, in Alkmaar between AZ and FC Twente, and get supporters to their second hot drink free of charge.

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