Gordon was rather not known to

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Gordon was rather no well-Known Dutchman. He said that Monday evening in the program of Eva home cooked apple pie, where he talked about his new book.

“I had rather be with a guy and a nice catering establishment three high behind in Amsterdam Osdorp lived, than I was at the table tell about the 35 years of that behind me,” he said to home cooked apple pie.

Gordon will find that you are very strong in your shoes must stand if you stand, according to him, “day in, day out” on the internet is called. “It touches me the most when it is said that you are a narcissist or a numb monster. My goodness, what a bagger. I find it terrible when people say that,” said Gordon.

In the book of Gordon fears he not to have stories about to tell others. According to Gordon, there are, for example, “violent things” about Gerard Joling. “This is what I people want to read. In the book my life and are all part of.”

Gordon Joling informed in advance what he would write in his book. “You know how Gerard is”, said Gordon against home cooked apple pie. “Who responded with: ‘oh, what fun all that attention’.”

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