Gordon ready for big fuss to biography

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Gordon ready for big fuss to biography

Biography is a relief for Gordon

Gordon is preparing for a huge ‘shitstorm’, because Wednesday is his biography in the store and this will be after will be a lot of controversy in showbizzland.


Gordon shared his story with journalist Marcel Langedijk. “I’m glad I my story I can tell. For many people it will be a shock,” said the 49-year-old Amsterdammer. “I’m not afraid of anything.”

Gerard Joling is, of course, also in the book of Gordon.

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The entertainer takes, as we are used from him, not a leaf for the mouth. “It is as it is, this is the truth. I really look up to, wondered if I can, had to and wanted to tell. But it is a very beautiful book.”


In Gordon, biography of an entertainer’ it’s not only about the showbizzrellen where he was involved in, also, Gordon young is extensively discussed. “The story of my parents and my childhood is intense.”

Gordon’s father was an alcoholic, the marriage of his parents was complicated. The entertainer is the youngest of eight children, but with some of the brothers and sisters hardly any contact. Gordon is also open about the abuse within the family. “I am abused, from my seventh to my twelfth”, he noted. “I suspect that almost all of the children in our family have been abused.”

Not all stakeholders will, according to Gordon happy that he had a book open. “I often have my mouth should keep about what happened. I am open, sincere and honest. I do not lie and would not lie.” The entertainer says all parties involved have forgiven. “And I hope that I also can forgive.”


Also the much talked about love life of the singer and presenter is over. That is again in the spotlight as a result of an argument with an alleged new love. Gordon presented the man on social media, with pride, as his beloved, but the man claims that there had never been a victim of a relationship and accused Gordon of libel and slander.

“This comes at an unfortunate time,” says Gordon, “not the best part of two weeks” behind him. “I’m still so in love and still love that man. We would next week to hong Kong to go, the tickets were already booked. I still can’t comprehend.”

That the quarrel resulted in a lawsuit, that on 9 april for the court in Lelystad, Gordon “too sad for words”. “I have to get my whole life on the street throw and intimate apps let read to a court?! It is still not that necessary.”

Do not break

Despite all the difficult periods in life and setbacks, continues Gordon positive look to the future. “We can bend, but break we do not. All the steps backwards have perhaps the bow for a step forward.” Also his faith in love is the entertainer is not lost. “It will ever be done.”

Although Gordon is proud of his biography, there is a sequel there is definitely not in. “I have the book once, read and play. I read the never more, it is a painful and emotional story. A second part? I must not think.”

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