Gio behind own approach: “Press or unrest affects me not’

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Giovanni van Bronckhorst is still convinced that his approach is still good for Feyenoord. At the press conference of his club, a day before the semi-finals of the KNVB cup against Willem II, get the coach to the direct question of whether that approach worked out.

Feyenoord-trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

,,I stand behind my approach and behind the way I want to play football with Feyenoord’, replies the coach of Feyenoord without a trace of annoyance over the criticism on him descends. ,,Why I behind stand? By what I the last few years have experienced at Feyenoord as head coach. That gives me something to hold onto. Of course, you, as a coach, depending on other factors, and of how things sometimes walk away. And no one has me, once said that the job of a coach is easy. All headmasters experienced the past months and years how it can go.’

A reporter asks whether he himself is feeling the pressure?

Van Bronckhorst: ,,Not even for a minute.’

Reporter: , But think you might be the consequences if you is turned off by Willem II?’

Van Bronckhorst: ,,.’

There must still be something that he owns? He is not awake of the gekwakkel in the league?

Van Bronckhorst: ,,I walk long enough in the football, fortunately, also at the highest level, to know how it works in the top. Therefore, it affects me not. I don’t think about my future. I enjoy the head coach of this great club.’

The ex-international has no drama. He is as a player all of his career, is stable and generates, as a coach, not the impression that he was under high voltage. The prices that he in his first seasons as a coach have won him, of course, also be strengthened. No trainer has spent the last 30 years, the success can extend. He did. After the cup came right away the championship and now it is again a grand prize to follow.

William and Leo

Willem van Hanegem and Leo Beenhakker won both a trophy and then went back less.

,,William, and Leo also had the intentions to the success of renew but that is not easy. Also, for me, not now. Head coach of a big club is not easy. Especially if it is not, such as now in the league. And the consequences are always there in football…’

Van Bronckhorst has yet the hope that he success, however, can extend. ,,If you look at our history than we have the last 30 years is not a lot of prices. I’m in 2015, started as a head coach and I am very proud and happy that we successes have been achieved. But I am most happy for my club and for the fans.’

Dick Advocaat

Van Bronckhorst is the phase, now not more difficult than in his first year, when he was a long period when all the matches lost and Dick Advocaat are a sounding board. ,,Phase, I found more difficult, especially because it is at the beginning of my career took place. After a successful time here and that gave me the confirmation that what I am doing is good and that the prices results. So I stand there so one and a half years later still in.’

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