Front in East Ghouta seems to be quiet

3672d3469d0f903dee59ea0810a18dd1 - Front in East Ghouta seems to be quiet

DAMASCUS – the Russian and Syrian leaders proposed a temporary file to the front east of Damascus seem to succeed. Everywhere in the the Syrian army besieged area of Eastern Ghouta were the weapons Tuesday morning, reported the observers of the Syrian Observatory for human Rights (SOHR).

The temporary gevechtspauze need to 14.00 hours and would take several days. It would be, it should be possible to offer assistance to the many citizens in it since 2013 besieged Eastern Ghouta. The Kremlin has announced also wounded and sick to want to evacuate.

It is not known whether the combat groups, especially from sunni extremists exist, citizens are let go. Moscow and Damascus have pointed out that the fighters civilians as human shield use, and images of wounded civilians spread to international sympathy to recruit. Also, many people by the fighters hostage.

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