Flemish culture prize for Coely

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2018 was already started well for Coely: They won a 2-MIA’s in the categories of Urban and Solo Woman. They announced a show on april 12, in the Roma in Antwerp, which almost immediately sold out and announced there is therefore immediately a second one on april 11. And now she gets a Ultima Award from the hands of minister Sven Gatz. She gets that Flemish culture prize because of her fantastic career and her unique contribution to the Flemish music industry. Coely is, among others, praised for its energetic live performances and her down to earth attitude. Coely is an example for all those who are trying to create as an artist and is supported by its penalty entourage: DVTCH Norris, Yannick Gaudeuille and Beatville.
Modest, amiable, and especially with a lot of passion builds she continued to her career and follow her own path.

With a natural flow that brings them rap and soul, as we in our country never before saw. Seemingly effortlessly, she brings personal texts with rhythm and feeling, without grofgebekt to be. Eager but determined to let themselves be inspired by its roots, by its examples and by emerging voices. That everything is processed in its own music and therefore, she creates a very own, fresh, recognizable musical language.

The jury of the Ultima Awards want to reward her trust in Coely’s future and career stress.

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