First demo Amy Winehouse found

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Composer Gil Cang has very first demo of Amy Winehouse has released.

Amy Winehouse

He wrote the song My Own Way along with James McMillande. Amy sang it in 2001 when she was only seventeen years old, as part of a demo that allows them to record companies wanted to convince to make a contract with her.

“Amy came to the studio in a pair of jeans with her hind Sinatra Is God written. She did open her mouth, and we were upside down, from the sound of her voice,” says Cang in the London newspaper Camden New Journal. “Amy was still a teenager, but her voice sounded mature.” In three takes was the song on it, let him know. “I’ve always thought about how I like more of her music had want to produce; she was really great to work with.”

Ten years later Amy Winehouse. Last week marked the composer the demo only returns. Cang has the demo been released so that her many fans can enjoy them.

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