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“Ferrari is ready to take the F1 to exit”

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Bernie Ecclestone warns anyone who wants to hear that Ferrari is ready to a own championship to begin as the vision of the future of the F1 them don’t like it.

While everyone eagerly looks forward to the start of the season 2018 gives former F1-pope, Bernie Ecclestone his view on the sport in the future. He thinks that of the Formula 1 with electric cars, an elite version of the already existing Formula E, as it were.

He also predicts that this time it may even mean it can be with the threat of Ferrari to the sport to leave.

“There are people who have a new championship to think,” said Ecclestone. “Sergio (Marchionne – big boss of Ferrari) has already spoken about with a number of people. If he decides to leave he will actually be gone. If the FIA does not do what he asks, for the benefit of Ferrari of course, he will blow.”

Since the Formula 1 is owned by Liberty Media, we have Ecclestone still but rarely seen in the paddock. On paper, the 87-year-old Briton, a consultant to Liberty Media, but CEO Chase Carey has in the past thirteen months no appeal to him made, it seems to be end of the story between Bernie and the F1.

In an interview with the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ will give Ecclestone his vision, with all the experience that he has. He gets to own say still phone calls of the organisers and constructors.

The current agreement between the F1 and Ferrari dates back to the time of Ecclestone. That means that the Scuderia can count on a bonus of a hundred million dollars per year and they can their veto as it is about reglementswijzigingen. It shows what a state the Italian brand has achieved within the sport.

Now the ball is in the camp of the new owner, Liberty Media, and Chase Carey to a new contract to negotiate that runs from 2021. The American has already indicated that one of the main points on the agenda in the fairer distribution of the income.

No need to explain that they are in Maranello with argus monitor and a first proposal concerning new regulations was by the big boss Sergio Marchionne immediately to the trash reference.

“Ferrari gets more than the others for one simple reason: they are already in Formula 1 than anyone else,” Ecclestone continued. “It’s actually very simple. The Formula 1 is Ferrari and Ferrari is Formula 1, if you do not meet their street-legal car’s think everyone in the world to the F1 mind when the word Ferrari. I would hate it to Formula 1 without Ferrari.”

The Brit is strong that the organisers are behind Ferrari will scissors if they are in Maranello, a own championship to set up. “If they come up with a new range which is cheap for the circuits, the organisers will the side of Ferrari.”

Another item on the agenda of Liberty Media, is the change of the regulations in the motor area from 2021. There has Ecclestone a radical solution.

“We need a new electric Formula 1 start, an F1 for the future. They just don’t have the balls necessary to do it,” concluded Ecclestone.

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