Family-actor paid for sex?

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Vincent Banic goes to the Family in the skin of Guido Van den Bossche. When Guido a huge fine to pay, he does not know where he got that money from. To Griet, played by Andrea Croonenbergs, him a way out. She has a lot of money for the company of Guido. And that company is going ever further… A gigolo in the Family. Can that still work?

A lot of viewers will let their displeasure about this new twist in Family, but actor Vincent Banic is a realistic and – for him – even recognizable storyline. The actor was in the past, even in real life an ignoble proposal. A woman wanted for a lot of money to a wild night with him experience. But Vincent Banic thanked him for the offer. “That’s not going to happen,” was the short and concise answer is that the actor for the lady had in store.

The Family-viewers are especially worried because Guido Van den Bossche has a relationship with Emma, played by Bab Buelens, which we also know from Steracteur Sterartiest. Survives the young pair of these tough times?

The next few weeks the storyline is well covered and will Guido and Emma must discover if their relationship is strong enough to survive. We already follow!

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