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“Every actor is jealous of the eyes of Viviane’

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For her featuring in ‘Speechless’ and ‘War and turpentine’, but also for her career four decades spans, Viviane De Muynck Thursday, Ultima for General Cultural Merit from the hands of minister Sven Gatz. Portrait of a rasactrice, through the eyes of her colleagues. Filip Tielens

The souffleuse from Old Belgium. A mother who degenerates into Speechless. The fortune teller with the spinning eyes from Tabula rasa. Unabashedly in bathing suit and with a cigarette at the scene in Van den vos FC …

The souffleuse from Old Belgium. A mother who degenerates into Speechless. The fortune teller with the spinning eyes from Tabula rasa. Unabashedly in bathing suit and with a cigarette at the scene in Van den vos FC Bergman. Viviane De Muynck (71), tying the last years, the strong roles to each other. And remember, we have films such as D’Ardennes, Le tout nouveau testament and Many heaven. Or the series With man and power, Professor T , and Generation of B in which she recently was.

‘Viviane has her momentum caught, ” says Kaat Beels, who its directed in Swooni , and Tabula rasa. ‘When Ann Petersen died (in 2003, red.), said Viviane, laughing that her turn had come. There are not as many roles for women of her age.’

‘Since the disappearance of Dora van der Groen is De Muynck in that age group on a lonely height, ” says Tom Lanoye, 2015 for her the monologue Gaz wrote. “She is one of our great European actresses. I’m always shocked that they are at Humo’s Pop Poll never appears in the list of best actresses.’ Maybe that changes gradually, and now after the career price of the Acteursgilde in 2016 also the main Ultima (the Flemish culture prize) in the chimney is allowed to put in her Antwerp apartment on the 21st floor.

The look in her eyes

But what makes De Muynck is now so unique? According Needcompany director Jan Lauwers, of the fourteen plays and one film with her, she is ‘an actress who classic craft combines with a pertinent question of what acting is. Viviane is an exceptional symbiosis between those two ends.’

Her deep, doorrookte voice and perfect diction in three languages make her look unique. In France, where they have since the Needcompany-piece of The chamber of Isabella of the star, she got the nickname La Voix. According to Stany Crets, which her son played in Speechless, is the secret in her eyes. “Those speaking eyes, that is a language in itself. In film, you look very important, with all those close-ups. Every actor is jealous of the eyes of Viviane.’

With one glance make the difference, that also admires scenariste Malin-Sarah Gozin in her. ‘With subtle actions can She tell you very much. That combines them with an extraordinary sense for comic timing. She is never a second too early or too late.’ Also, Marie Vinck feels that The Support excels by its nuanced emotions. “How great she sometimes plays, she always shines with authenticity.’ Add to that her sense of musicality, and you get a versatile actress. That is why Fabrice Murgia, now the director of the Théâtre National, with her wanted to work for Ghost Road I and II, cinematic productions, for which they, as well as research together on a roadtrip and went to the USA and Chile. “I was looking for an older actress who knew how to work with cameras on stage had to work. However, on the French-speaking side you will find that not.”

You hear it sometimes, whispering: De Muynck would be a real diva. Is that right? ‘She looks like my mother: she will feel beautiful uitdossen and decorating with hats, ” says Tom Lanoye. “But botox? No fucking way. Viviane has no facelift needed. On the contrary: she used every wrinkle to her game to reinforce. That’s what makes her so pure and rock’n ‘ roll at the same time.’

‘She is certainly a diva, but in the good sense of the word, ” adds Marie Vinck. “She’s flamboyant and has a great personality. You saw how she beamed when she during the fox in a swimsuit for cigarettes if smoking on the stage.’ (laughs) in Addition to the boards or the screen has De Muynck barely capsones, Vinck. “But self-willed she is. If they’re on her hips, she will immediately say. What you see is what you get.’

“For people that their profession to know, is She great to work with”, says Lanoye. ‘Useless, she has little on. She does everything for the box. And despite her diva tendencies, she is a real team player.’ That confirms everyone: no one is as loyal as Viviane. “They never let a chance pass to others in the flowers,” says Hilde Van Mieghem, director of Speechless. ‘At the actors who, as in the picture, is that rare.”


De Muynck is now a hard-working labor that operates internationally. Her memory is still excellent, but her mobility that reduces slowly. All, especially her view of a problem, says Jan Lauwers. “They can almost not read more. That is of course a drama. Text memorization is a big job. War and turpentine we have to say for her.’

Van Mieghem hopes that De Muynck long time may continue to play. “But I also hope that they don’t forget to take care of themselves. Sometimes I think that she is her loneliness, which, accompanied by hard work.’ The husband of De Muynck died forty years ago, her son four years ago. ‘It made playing in Speechless, Many heaven and the play Gaz, in which her character always loses a child, extra confrontational. I remember during the recording of Speechless a moment in which her lot was’, says Van Mieghem. ‘She was tied up on her hospital bed and we then put together a cigarette attached. Viviane told me how bad she thought her son, not her grave will be able to stand it if she dies. I reassured her. “I will be there. And your numerous friends and colleagues for sure.”’

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