EU prepares for trade war with the US

777570d36b8142b8b6897874271f17b4 - EU prepares for trade war with the US

The member states of the European Union steaming ready to possible trade restrictions from the United States to answer. Didier Reynders (MR), minister of Foreign Affairs, calls the American protectionism ‘incomprehensible’.

The 28 member states of the European Union worry about the plans of the American government levies or quotas on the imports of aluminum and steel. The American president Donald Trump wants, as the national security of and the employment in the United States indemnify.

“If president Trump hard strikes, we will have countermeasures’, assured the European commissioner, Cecilia Malmström Tuesday at the council of European Trade ministers in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, where the different scenarios were presented.

At april 11, should be president Trump to make a decision in the staaldossier, at april 19, in that of the aluminium. ‘In the meantime, we risk an escalation with dialogue to try to downplay. Safety as an argument to use is incomprehensible, since we are allies in NATO”, said minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, that the protectionism of the Us government denounces.

Depending on the measures that Washington takes, the Europeans, several answers ready. The EU to the world trade organization WTO steps, or take protective measures to the European steel and aluminum industry to protect. This allows temporary import restrictions to be imposed.

If the US trade restrictions impose, there is also the danger that the European steel market is flooded by cheap Chinese products.

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