‘Dynasty’actress Heather Locklear arrested for domestic violence

d8d1375c3e49b30c93c8c8659881b543 - 'Dynasty'actress Heather Locklear arrested for domestic violence

The 56-year-old American actress Heather Locklear, famous for her role of Sammy Jo Carrington in the 80-series ‘Dynasty’ is, according to CBS News Sunday evening arrested in an investigation of domestic violence and aggression towards police officers.

A spokesman of the local police stated that Locklear and her live-in boyfriend attacked. When agents on the spot came the news the actress is aggressive and molesteerde them three policemen. The research showed that she and her boyfriend physically abused. She was arrested for domestic violence and three cases of violence towards a police officer.

They came free on a deposit of $ 20,000 and on march 13 for the court expected.

In addition to ‘Dynasty’ starred Locklear in many other series and films, including ‘Scary Movie 5’, ‘Uptown Girls’ and the television series ‘Melrose Place’. In 2008, she was been arrested, when, on the basis of suspicions about drunk driving. Two years later, it was again after an accident with vluchtmisdrijf. In January 2012, called her sister to the emergency services when Locklear reportedly drugs and alcohol to taking and all the north was lost. Since then, she’s spent multiple visits to drug rehabilitation clinics.

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