Do But celebrates its anniversary with a club tour

e51c125008a37b49357c698323d6c3e1 - Do But celebrates its anniversary with a club tour

But do go next fall again on tour. Because of the fortieth anniversary of the band does Do But in October and november, fourteen shows in Zwolle, Haarlem, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Brussels and Antwerp. The tour concludes with two performances in the Carré theatre in Amsterdam, and concert organizer Mojo published.

Do But during the first day of the music festival Concert at Sea.

“We began to work together in clubjes and it is an unbelievable privilege to the same clubs forty years later to do”, says frontman Henny Vrienten.

The tour has the name change will NIX received, and that is according to Ernst Jansz really the case. “When we were ever in Neerkant, full of enthusiasm, a Dutch band started, we had no idea of the incredible adventure that is ahead of us. And if we now, forty years and a lifetime later, a song, and when The bomb sing, it seems it’s true: nothing changes really.”

The ticket sale for the tour begins Friday.

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