Curaçao preys on Utrecht-defender

1ad9292c1a5a91bd4dfbc7cb55ca73c9 - Curaçao preys on Utrecht-defender

The coach of Curaçao has his eye drop on Giovanni Troupée. The youthful defender of FC Utrecht has received an invitation for two oefeninterlands, but has not yet decided whether he actually will.

Giovanni Troupée try following his departure to chelsea Justin Kluivert to stop.

Coach Remko Bicentini scout a lot in the Netherlands, where the majority of his internationals playing. Among others, Darryl Lachman, Elson Hooi and Eloy Room play international matches for Curaçao.

Troupée (19) was previously for Dutch youth selections. He was allowed to enter on the invitation of Curacao, where his mother comes today, is that choice is not yet final, because the only oefeninterlands.

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