Criticism of role Jared Leto in Netflix film ‘The Outsider’

2ddad342cd7e7688856830ca0905b6c0 - Criticism of role Jared Leto in Netflix film 'The Outsider'

There is much criticism on the role that actor Jared Leto plays in ‘The Outsider’. In the film, whose trailer is already visible, the Japanese culture is central. Just, therefore, understand many the casting of Leto.

The streaming service is, therefore, of whitewashing criticized, a term used when white actors are cast for roles that actually by people of other ethnicities should be played. Quickly became the social media of the film compared to ‘The Last Samurai’. In the movie from 2003, which talks about the Japanese samurai, played Tom Cruise in the lead role.

In ‘The Outsider’ plays Leto the role of an American soldier in front of the Yakuza (the Japanese underworld), it should work to his freedom, has recovered.

The release of the film is fixed on the ninth of march.

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