‘Clinicians abuse Syrian women in return for assistance”

Male social workers working for the UN and international ngos in Syria, abuses women sexually in exchange for aid. That has the BBC Tuesday message.

According to a report by the population fund of the UN (UNFPA), that the British public broadcaster in hands got, there are examples of Syrian women or girls who have short time and ‘sexual services’ are married with officials to get food and examples of hulpverdelers that phone numbers ask and lifts to home ‘to something in the place to get back’. It reads that the exploitation of women is so far-reaching is that some of the Syrian women refuse to the distribution centers to go out of fear that people would think that their bodies have used them for the assistance they to house to bring.

Three years ago, there were already warnings in connection with the abuse. But according to the report of the remains to continue in the south of the country.

UN agencies and ngos to say “zero tolerant” to his operation and say, is not aware of cases of abuse by the partner organisations in the region. But according to one rescuer squeezing the humanitarian agencies turned a blind eye because of the use of third parties and local officials is the only way to help is to dangerous areas in Syria.

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